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Thai Massage - on Phuket

Thai Massage - what's it all about?  Massage on Phuket

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 Thai Massage
Nuad pan boran is the name for traditional Thai Massage which dates back at least 2,500 years. It is recognised as a practical application of the Buddhist concept of metta, or loving kindness. Thai Massage is a known healing technique that places emphasis on the mind and body connection and, with a skilled therapist, it is also used as a tool in the treatment of emotional and spiritual disorders. Thai Massage is based on the principle that invisible lines of force run through the body. The focus is on 10 lines called “sen”.  The massage seeks to release blockages that may exist along the sen to allow the free flow of energy throughout the body. The client is clothed and lies on a floor mattress.  The therapist applies pressure using the thumbs, fingertips, hands, feet, arms and legs. Compression using the therapists’ body weight is also applied to large areas of the body, such as the back and hips. Pressures combined with manipulations stretch the spine and pull on joints to leave the body feeling loose and relaxed, ultimately maintaining flexibility and relieving tension. The therapist works kneeling or sitting on the floor alongside the client, working from the feet up to the shoulders and neck, over the face and onto the scalp. Thai Massage is a deep-massage technique that can be very relaxing. However, it can go beyond pampering and relaxation and the more advanced practitioners are trained to treat ailments and diseases as well.

With the growing number of spas worldwide offering an extensive range of treatments, it is interesting to know that massage is still the most frequently requested spa therapy. Massage is primarily about touch, and touch in itself has healing qualities. Despite the many techniques and principles, the effects, psychological and physiological, remain the same. Massaging the muscles relaxes and stimulates the circulation so that blood flows freely, carrying oxygen and nutrients to where they are needed. By working on the circulation, regular massage can help normalise blood pressure, easing the pressure on overburdened arteries and veins. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system which is responsible for nourishing cells, carrying waste products out of the body and defending the body against infection. At the same time bodywork improves muscle and skin tone, stimulates the nervous system and improves overall body health. The treatment menu at a good spa will invariably include several types of massage. Many of the more popular ones including Thai Massage originated in the East. But whether Western or Eastern there are similarities in the techniques used, and often they consist of a combination of the different forms of bodywork.


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