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Mai Khao Beach
Nine kilometers of nearly deserted beach characterizes Mai Khao where there is little tourist business - though it is beginning to develop quickly. The beach is part of the Sirinat National Park and protected. The water is fine for swimming during the dry season; the rainy season brings big waves and strong currents that are dangerous. This lonely beach is another area where sea turtles come to lay eggs. It is also home to what the Thais call a sea cicada, which is a form of marine life. To get there go to the northern tip of Phuket; the beach lies along the road's length. In depth information about this general area, the northern part of Phuket (including the next two beaches on this list) can be found at

Sai Kaew Beach
This strip of sand is just the north portion of Mai Khao Beach and has much the same character.
Located west of the bridges spanning the channel between Phuket and Phang–nga provinces.

Nai Yang Beach
The beach is on a long curving bay lined with evergreens that provide shade to picnicker. The large coral reef is home to many different species of fish, and Nai Yang is well known as a site where sea turtles come to lay their eggs during the period from November to February; the population of these has however, dropped off greatly. First class accommodations are available and small food vendors cater to the many day trippers.   This Beach is well-known for its many beach shack restaurants.

Rawai Beach 
Site of the Chao Ley or Sea Gypsy village, many restaurants and bungalows, shell handicraft shops, and both fishing and charter boats to the nearby islands. The beach itself is ok for swimming and protected by the Coral island in front. Rawai is 7 km south of Chalong Circle.

Nai Thon Beach
This quiet bay nestled at the foot of high hills has a 900meter long fine strip of the sand. There are accommodations and numerous small businesses in the area. The beach is good for swimming outside the monsoon season and a coral reef at the southern end provides good snorkeling. Located between Bang Tao Bay and Nai Yang Beach, Nai Thon Beach can be reached by taking Thep Krasatri Rd. Turn at the first traffic light north of Thalang Town to Nai Yang Rd. Look for signs indicating the turn-off to Nai Ton.

Bang Tao Beach
Bangtoa is a large open bay with one of Phuket's longest beaches. Part of the area was once used for tin mining, but has been developed into a luxury resort. Most of it is occupied by the Laguna Beach Resort, a massive five-hotel development with golf course. There are, however, accommodations available outside Laguna at the bay's south and north ends. Dry season swimming is excellent, and at the bay's north end is a smaller bay, almost completely enclosed, at the mouth of which is some fine coral. Plenty of places to eat, tour companies, and other tourist facilities available either at Laguna or in the nearby town of Cherng Thale.

Layan Beach
 This beach is at the northern end of Bang Tao beach where the beach meets a river and a lagoon. The area is home to many birds and other wildlife who enjoy the peacefulness of the lagoon. The many small tracks which cover the hillside of the beach are well known by climbers and bird watchers. You can reach the beach by walking pass the Laguna Phuket Resort or by following the highway and turning in to Layan Beach at the road sign. 

Nai Harn Beach
A popular swimming beach and yacht anchorage during the dry season. The beach is fine, but big waves strike it during the wet season, making swimming hazardous. Regular bus service to and from Phuket town during daytime. Nai Han is just north of Phrom Thep Cape. Cafes and bars on the beach serve excellent food for reasonable prices. 

Ao Sehn Beach
This remote bay is Northwest of Nai Harn Beach and a little secret of Phuket because it is not easy to reach. The beach is small, clean and features many rocks. it is a perfect place for a picnic. To get there you must pass the gates of the Le Royal Meridien Yacht Club, drive through the parking deck on the left side and follow the way through the Hotel Complex until you reach a small road which goes for app. 1 km Northwest.

Surin Beach
Evergreen trees rim this small, curving bay beneath the foothills north of Kamala. Surin is home to Phuket's first golf course, a nine-hole course laid out more than sixty years ago during the reign of King Rama VII. It is now largely in disuse except as a park. The steep incline of the beach, turbulent water, and big waves can make Surin a hazardous place to swim during the rainy season.  Beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented there. Surin is most famous for its breathtaking sunsets.  Accommodations and restaurants are nearby.

Kamala Beach
Kamala is named after the Muslim fishing village north of Patong.  The beach is beautiful and about 2 km. in length. There are accommodations ranging from guesthouse to international class, and many small Thai restaurants specializing in seafood. The FantaSea Phuket Themepark is located here which offers daily evening shows. Regular bus service to and from Phuket Town during daytime; tuk-tuk service available to Patong, 5 km. away on the new road.

Sing Cape (Laem Singh)
The name means Lion's Point in English. The beach is in a small, 150 meter long curving bay with rocky headlands at the foot of forest-fringed cliffs and is among Phuket's most beautiful spots. The beach is good for swimming and quiet. In the high season you might find some small food stalls and bars for refreshment. Located about 1 km. south of the entrance to Surin Beach. Look for signs indicating the path down to the beach.

Patong Beach
This is Phuket's central tourist and night time entertainment district. Over the years, Patong has turned from a fishing village into one of the island's two major cities. The famous bay and 4 km. beach is know as a center of entertainment with restaurants catering to every nationality. Live music can be found in most pubs and bars. Accommodations range from budget to five-star. Shopping opportunities are endless. All kind of watersports are on offer here and the beach is good for swimming so you should be careful in monsoon season. In addition, there are many tour companies waiting to help visitors plan their vacations.

Kalim Beach
This beach is really a continuation north of Patong beach, from which it is separated by some rocks. The beach itself is a mixture of sand and small rocks. At the back of the beach are accommodations. The waters contain extensive coral reefs which you can reach by foot at low tide (wear shoes as some of the rocks are very sharp) The northern part is battled by monsoon winds and from June to September you might have some big waves suitable for surfing.

Freedom Beach
This beach can only be reached by a 10 minute trip with a longtail boat around the southern corner of Patong. It is one of the most beautiful beaches with fine white sand.  There is a coral reef which invites for snorkeling and a restaurant with some beach chairs. To get there rent a longtail boat at Patong.

Karon Beach
The second largest of Phuket's principal tourist beaches.  The sand is very white, and squeaks audibly when walked on. The southern point has a fine coral reef stretching toward Kata and Poo Island. Plenty of restaurants, bars, tour companies and other non-hotel businesses are in the area. The narrow road between Kata and Karon has a number of small businesses as well as the Dino Park Mini Golf facility.

Kata Beach
The smallest of Phuket's three main tourist beaches, Kata is different in appearance and style from Karon or Patong. The beach itself is broad and curving, and structures bordering it are low–rise. The waters are perfect for swimming, and at the north end is a coral reef with many varied corals and fishes which stretches out toward Poo Island., about 1/2 km off shore. Facilities for every price range include hotels, bungalows, tour companies, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Kata Noi Beach
South of Kata is Kata Noi, a smaller beach with several hotels and restaurants and shops. The beach is superb. Many fish inhabit the rocks and corals along the rocky shoreline along the south end of the beach.

Pansea Beach
This is a small exclusive bay encircled by rocks which houses only two resorts: The luxurious Amanpuri and The Chedi. The resorts are blocking the entrance to the beach but you can reach it by walking through The Chedi as all beaches in Thailand are public.

Nakalay Beach
Nakalay is app. 5 minutes from Patong and occupied by only one resort which covers the whole bay - The Thavorn Beach Village. It is suitable for people who like it quiet but still want to be near the entertainment area of Patong.

Relax Bay
This wonderful little bay is part of the Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort and accessible through the resort. It is located between Patong and Karon beach and sometimes called Karon Noi Beach.

Nui Beach
This little remote beach can be reached by a small road. Follow the sign on the left side on the beach road from Nai Harn to Kata.  It is a small adventure to reach the beach but well worth it as there are few people due to its remote location. Its a nice place for swimming. There is no accommodation or else at this beach.

Chalong Bay
This quiet bay is used as anchorage by many yachts and tour boats because it is protected from strong winds. Many trips to the nearby islands starting here so it is crowded between sunrise and 9am, when the boats leave, and between 4pm - 5pm when they return. In the evening the beach restaurants are a favorite place for tourists coming back from watching the sunset at Promthep Cape.

Yanoi Beach
This little beach is one of the best kept secrets on Phuket which offers beautiful rock formations and good snorkeling at the reef in front of the beach. To get there follow the road from Promthep Cape to the west. Between Promthep and the wind energy plant watch out for a small restaurant with a small parking lot. A few meters behind the restaurant you can see the beach.

Please Note:  For your safety ALWAYS check for the flags on the beaches which indicate if it is safe for swimming.
Green Flag = No Danger
Yellow Flag = Swimming is on your own risk
Red Flag = DANGER  - swimming prohibited

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